Ilocos’ Bagbest! (Bagnet with pinakbet sauce)

Bagbet is an Ilocano food, which is made with bagnet with pinakbet sauce. One of my friends, Chinkee ordered Bagbet when we had our dinner at La Preciosa in Laoag. It was my first time to encounter the food and so are my friends. When it was served in the table, Bagbet looks so delicious that it can cause to a mouth-watering effect. Here’s the photoof La Preciosa’s Bagbet

At first, I was doubtful of the taste although it’s mouth-watering. When I tasted it, wow! It was so delicious. Pinakbet sauce was so great that I even put on the pinakbet sauce of Bagbet in my rice! The bagnet was just so right. The Bagnet was soft, unlike the bagnets that you can buy. Just simply looking at the picture of bagbet makes you want to eat Bagbet.

It was really good! It was kind of expensive but it’s a worth 200 pesos per serving and it was good for 2 persons they said but we were all four and we were all able to eat the oh so yummy La Preciossa’s Bagbet. But because of its magical deliciousness, we were all “bitin”! It’s something that you would want your balikbayans taste. It’s something that every Ilocano should be proud of. That Ilocos Norte has a very delicious Bagbet.

In fact, according to my friend who is an adventurer, he told me that many tourists are coming in our place just to taste Ilocano foods and Bagbet is so perfect. With these foods? I think I can’t do the diet anymore just as much as I wanted to eat Bagbet again!


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